-------------------- Sample/Template Pages---------------------
Template 1
March 2002. Just messing around one day, and came up with this.
Template 2
March 2002. Experimentation with designing a liquid website.
Template 3
April 2002. The design that I eventually used for krismus.com.
--------------------- Websites---------------------
Ron's Cleaners
February 2002. The out-of-place picture in the front was a placeholder for a picture of the actual establishment.

Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS)
August 2002. A charity organization at the Univ. of Florida Vet School.
SAVMA Economic Symposium
August 2002. A symposium that was held at UF in October of 2002.
UFCVM Class of 2003 Resume Guide
January 2003. This site was advertised in JAVMA, the main veterinary journal, by our class to encourage job offers.
GatorVets - Flash Version
April 2003. Playing around with a flash-only site, never finished once I realized some of my classmates can't view flash.
December 2003. Final version, XML/XSL by Jon. This site is my gift to the CVM Class of 2003, so we can keep in touch with each other as we change jobs/locations through the years.
Mayfair Animal Hospital
Spring 2006.

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