Ok my Downloads section is waaaaay e-dusty. I just realized that many of the links have likely been broken for a long amount of time. So here's a quick replacement page. But what BETTER thing to do rather than download a poor quality mp3 fragment from me is to go to and check them out! Its supremely high quality streaming music for free- and they have many many many more unknown/local stuff than silly itunes! Plus they're cheaper, plus you can listen to the whole song for free and not just a snippet. PLUS to add it to your streaming web archive is only 10 cents. And you can make playlists and its just like playing off your computer directly or a CD. Can you tell I'm a fan? :) Seriously, I am not paid anything by them, I'm just happy to have found them. Check em out! Have I mentioned they never send you spam or useless newsletters?! :)

Go to here!

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